How Much Do You Charge?

Because of the vast range of circumstances we have to take in to account (travel, dates, size of venue, PA requirements etc…) we do not have a fixed price. Please get in touch using the ‘Contact’ option on the navigation bar and we will give you an accurate quote as soon as possible.

How do we book?

Once you’re happy to confirm the booking we take a small deposit and ask you to fill in a booking form and after that its feet up. We will then contact you 4 weeks before to confirm details and make sure we have everything covered!

How Many Are In The Band?

There are 5 of us in the band. Bass, Guitars. Keys and Drums.

How Long Does Set Up Take You?

About 1hr at a normal venue assuming there’s straight forward access.

Can We Pick The Set List?

It’s best to check that we play the kind of music that you’d like at your wedding before you book as we invariably pick our setlist on the night according to the crowd in front of us in order to maximise the number of people of your dance floor. We play lots of events a year so we know what works! If you’d like to pick the tracks for the disco section, that’s absolutely fine but we don’t let people choose our set list.

If there is a song you’d like played live and we need to learn it specifically we charge a small fee per song to cover rehearsal time.

Do You Carry Lighting & PA Equipment?

Yes, we carry a professional sound system which is loud enough to fill most wedding and party venues. we also provide standard stage and disco lighting. We aren’t able to bring our own stage but we are perfectly happy to play on the floor.

What Kind Of Power Do You Need?

We need 3 13amp (standard) plug sockets and we draw approx 3.5kW of power.

Are Noise Limiters An Issue?

They’re not ideal but more and more venues are having them installed so we’ve learned to cope with them. Just please make sure you let us know in advance!

With What Method Do I Pay?

We take a 10% or £50 deposit whichever’s greater at the time of booking and then rest is payable on the night.

Are You Insured?

Of course! Most venues insist upon it so we have £10,000,000 public liability insurance through ampband.

Do You Have Any Other Requirements?

All we ask is that you’re able to provide soft drinks and a meal for each member of the band. If there’s an evening ‘buffet’, that normally means letting us join in with that.